Our Cats

This page is dedicated to our little critters who stay in our bookstore until they find a permanent loving home.  These little critters warm our hearts for just a short period of time but leave a lasting impression in our memories and the memories of those who visit us.  Listed are the current residents of the store.  All of our foster cats come from Castaway Critters.


Annika is our second permanent store cat.  Squeekie got sad and lonely when his foster cat buddies left, so Annika is here to keep him company.  She is very much a cat, and can act sweet one moment and feisty the next.  She does not like people.

Pet at your own risk.



Mouse is our third permanent bookstore cat.  He was one of five kittens, also known as Bellatrix's Brood, born in the bookstore during the spring of 2020.  He is a curious and sweet little boy who loves his fellow bookstore cats and takes care of all the foster kitties passing through the bookstore. You can read more about Mouse and his adventures at his website.



Zak is our fourth store cat.  He loves attention and being held, and is happy to have a long conversation with you.



Jodi is a sweet girl. She likes her cat friends but she loves finding humans to pay attention to her. Jodi is available for adoption through Castaway Critters.


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