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Squeekie is our resident bookstore cat.  He loves you very much, even if you don't know him, and would like it if you would come and pet him or give him treats.  

Squeekie is the author of three books: The First Nine Lives of Squeekie the Bookstore Cat; The Second and Third Nine Lives of Squeekie the Bookstore Cat; and Squeekie Celebrates 20 Years of the Cupboard Maker Books. Since Squeekie cannot write or type, his close friends wrote down the stories of his adventures for him.  The first book was written by bookstore employees, the second by local authors, and the third is a mix including both new stories and the best stories from the first two collections.



Annika is our second resident bookstore cat or our 'reluctant' bookstore cat.  Squeekie would be very sad whenever all the adoptable cats went away so Annika came to stay with him permanently.  She is very grumpy and only likes Squeekie.  She might tolerate you if you give her a few treats.

Annika is the author of one book: The Very, Very Bad Misadventures of Annika the Reluctant Bookstore Cat which was written by her human servants.



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