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Lucy Score Book Club
Sunday, June 04, 2023, 05:00pm - 07:00pm

June Book - Heart of Hope


Description of the book:

Single mom Bristol is busy learning hockey, feeding an entire town breakfast every morning, and trying to forget just how much she misses her sister. Everyone else seems to be moving forward. Her older sister Savannah is planning a Christmas wedding. Bristol's ex-husband is remarried and a dad again. But she's stuck in a funk and even the holidays aren't helping.

At least not until a sexy stranger arrives in town and turns into a worthy distraction.

Beau offers to teach Bristol everything he knows about hockey--which is a lot considering he went pro--but that's on the down low. Everything is. He's got reasons for coming to Hope Falls, for spending time with Bristol and her family. Big, secret reasons. But between giving her skating lessons and falling ass over face for the woman, he's got to stay focused on the goal.

And it's starting to look like protecting someone he loves means hurting Bristol.

WARNING: This book will punch you in the feels. It's a small-town Christmas happily ever after with hands-on skating lessons (wink wink), a hockey hottie trying to do the right thing no matter what his "stick" tells him, a precocious 8-year-old scheming for her mom's happiness, a big beautiful family fumbling their way through grief, and the best dang Christmas Eve grand gesture ever.



This book club is designed to meet once a month for the next year(at least) and discuss our love of Lucy Score's books. Currently we have set this up as an in-person book club to meet at Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, but we don't want to leave anyone out. We will be posting the questions that we discuss online the next day. We encourage anyone who wants to setup their own local meet-up or zoom call to use our questions to help facilitate their own discussions.

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