2nd Sunday every month

$5.00 cover

Do you love books but hate the struggle of finding other book lovers?  Then join us for Sunday Evenings at the Bookstore - a monthly event designed for book lovers!  


Sunday Evening at the Bookstore includes:

  • Voucher for one used book (value up to $10)*
  • 50% off all purchases during the event
  • Trivial Pursuit Book Lover's Edition - The Michelle Challenge
    • Michelle vs. everyone (you may play as a collective team or split up into any number of teams)
    • Teams of more than one person must decide on a single answer to submit as their final answer
    • Whoever beats Michelle gets an additional free used book (value up to $10)*
  • One additional craft or game
  • Light Refreshments


*Vouchers must be used during the event

~this event formerly known as Bookstore Mingle~


Previous Crafts include: blackout poetry; painting pumpkins; altered books Christmas ornaments; pin making; literary Valentine's Day cards; painting rocks; and many other unique book-themed crafts.


Sunday Evening at the Bookstore – Rules

  1. This is a chance to talk to other people about books, please be respectful.
  2. This event is for people who want to talk about books so participants should like books and want to talk.
  3. The cover charge covers the munchies, the voucher, and the craft/games.
  4. Everyone who comes will receive a certificate for one free used book value up to $10 to use this evening. You can use the book for yourself.  However, it would be neat to share an interesting book with someone else if you meet someone who you like to talk about books with. 
  5. If you feel uncomfortable or simply would like to converse about something different, you can approach an employee and we can switch conversations. This does not mean you do not like your current conversation partner, it simply might be that you want to switch things up. 
  6. The games are not mandatory but respect those who are participating.
  7. If you had a good time, invite your friends.
  8. These rules are subject to change as we try more events.

Please stop by our store to find your next book or
give us a call at 717-732-7288
if you can't find what you like and we will check our inventory.