Hi, As the owner of a used bookstore, people often ask me what I am reading. I read a little bit of everything but my current favorite types of books are genre fiction but they are a combination of several genres. I like the term supernatural fiction for my current reading choices but many of the authors actually call it urban fantasy.

The following is a list of several authors that are my current favorites. This list is in no particular order and when applicable I have included links to the author’s webpages. I will include more accolades when I have the time, but I am supposed to be researching the books for the Internet right now. However, thinking about my current favorites and checking when their latest books are arriving is more interesting.

I created this page because I constantly recommend that my customers buy these authors. These books are very rarely traded in at my bookstore and I tell people that they should read them. I will be making this page more informative and attractive as I have the time.


Supernatural Fiction

  • Kelley Armstrong
    • Her Women of Otherworld Series creates an alternate reality that is close to our own. Her world includes: werewolves, vampires, ghosts, necromancers, witches, and half-demons. The characters are strong and fascinating and the plots are well-developed. I enjoy the fact that she alternates narrators in the different books but keeps the reader up to date on the actions of the other characters in the series.
  • Patricia Briggs
    • The Mercedes Thompson Series. The main character is a werecoyote raised by werewolves but she interacts with many different types of otherworldly beings.
  • Jim Butcher
    • Harry Dresden. Harry is a wizard who is more of a supernatural private detective. The books have a noir fantasy feel and are set in Chicago of the modern world. However, very few people know that magic, vampires, and shifters are real.
  • Jeri Smith-Ready
    • Her vampire series focuses on a vampire radio station. This series is very innovative and interesting. She also writes fantasy novels that are also great.
  • Maria V. Snyder
    • Her books are closer to traditional fantasy than urban fantasy. The world that she creates is fascinating and her protagonist is amazing. Usually, I am a little too lazy to learn about different worlds which are part of the fantasy genre but this world is so fully realized that I want to learn more.
  • Anne Bishop
    • Her Others series is a fantasy take on Urban Fantasy with vampires and werewolves that are a completely different species than humans. The characters are memorable and well written.
  • Ilona Andrews
    • The Kate Daniels series revolves around a magic user in post magical apocalypse Atlanta. Throughout the series, the characters evolve and have fabulous adventures.





Some my favorite romance authors live in Central Pennsylvania and they come to the store for book signings which is so much fun. I keep their books in stock all year long. These are in alphabetical order.

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