Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer

Teen Book Club

Stranger Than Fanfiction Discussion Questions

  1. What did you think of the third person narration?
  2. Do you think this book is teen when the main character is 22? Do you find Cash to be more of an adult that’s trying to figure out how to be an adult than a teenager realizing big universal truths?
  3. What did you think about the book starting at a Con? Did the fans/situation/feel of it seem realistic?
  4. The best line about the Wiz Kids show—“No, it wasn’t Shakespeare, but on the bright side, it wasn’t Shakespeare.” Do you find this true with shows? That the ones panned by critics are the ones that gain a cult following? That reviewers and people have drastically different tastes in shows?
  5. Do you think Chris Colfer based this fandom from his days on Glee (those fandoms were CRAZY back when it was a thing).
  6. Do you feel like this depiction of fandoms is closer to 2014 than 2018?
  7. Would you like to be an in demand celebrity like Cash Carter?
  8. What did you think about being in the mind of a beloved celebrity? Do you feel like the pressure to be loveable is a reason why so many snap? Did you feel like Cash could easily be a Disney star about to have a breakdown?
  9. What did you think of the intervention right before the panel?
  10. Do you think it’s harder to be a child star because of the expectation of being perfect role models compared to an adult star?
  11. What did you think about the comment of “Kylie Trig was the American Dream for a new generation.”
  12. Did the fandoms feel real?
  13. Have you ever been a part of a fandom like Wizkids?
  14. Do you find the connectivity of the wizard world believable? (Friends in Brazil and Saudi Arabia?)
  15. Would you like to go on a road trip with your friends before going off to college?
  16. Would you want your childhood hero to go on a road trip with you?
  17. Could you imagine your mother being so desperate for you to be teenager-ish that she goes to a psychic and goes shopping for you?
  18. What did you think about Sam being transgender and the psychologist that he had?
  19. What did you think about each of the kid’s reasons for loving the Wiz Kid show and how they used it for escape/dealing with their personal problems?
  20. Could you imagine your parents lying to you about your Mom’s cancer?
  21. How would you react to your favorite star showing up to your house for a road trip? Would you believe it?
  22. What did you think about Cash bursting the authenticity bubble for the crew?
  23. Did you feel bad for the crew when they realized Cash is sorta terrible? So bad to where they wanted him not to spoil their fun road trip?
  24. What did you think when Cash knew right away that Joey was gay?
  25. Would you still want to be on the road trip with a celeb even if he was terrible because of the status it would give you in relation to the other fans?
  26. What did you think of the band that Cash got them into?
  27. Could you imagine having a celeb tag along with you and then you get blamed for his bad choices?
  28. What did you think about the crew realizing that fame isn’t all that they believed it was?
  29. What did you think about Cash’s real name being Tom Hanks?
  30. In regard to Cash’s breakdown—do we as a society push and push people until they are no longer human and solely a commodity to be had?
  31. Did you like the story?

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