Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Teen Book Club

Shade Discussion Questions (Updated)

  1. What do you think of the first person narration?
  2. How does the first scene of the ghost yelling at Aura make you feel? 
  3. Do you think it is a good introduction to the world?
  4. How do you feel about the ghost?
  5. What do you think of Aura?
  6. What do you think of Logan?
  7. Do you like the way the Shift is introduced slowly as if we should all know about it?
  8. What do you think of Aura’s interest in megaliths?
  9. Do you think Zachary is an interesting character, especially his interest in megaliths?
  10. What do you think of the DMP or Department of Metaphysical Purity? 
  11. Isn’t it interesting that we find out so early that Aura is the first who can see ghosts and Zachary is the last that cannot?
  12. What do you think of the details of the world like ghosts not liking red or not seeming to interact with each other?
  13. What did you think of Logan’s incredibly powerful death scene? 
  14. Do all of the comments after Logan’s death feel realistic?
  15. Do you understand why Aura went to visit with Professor Harris with Zachary?  Do you think it was the right choice?
  16. What did you think of Logan’s funeral?  What was the hardest part for you to read?
  17. When Logan appears as a ghost after his viewing, did it surprise you how cool he seems to find death?
  18. Aren’t the different responses to Logan’s death interesting and apt, especially his siblings?
  19. Wasn’t it cool that Inner Harbor played an important part in the story?  Was anyone else picturing everything perfectly because you went to all of those places, especially the scene on the Constellation?
  20. What do you think of Aura’s choice?
  21. What did you think of the trial?
  22. What did you think of the end?

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