Fair Coin by E.C. Myers

Teen Book Club

Fair Coin Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of the 3rd person narration?
  2. At the beginning, Ephraim is trying to manage his mother, how does this develop his character?
  3. What do you think of Ephraim’s mom trying to kill herself if she thought he was dead?
  4. Do you like Ephraim?
  5. Why do you think it took two times for Ephraim to believe in the coin?
  6. Does Ephraim seem careless with the wishes?
  7. Do you like Nathan?
  8. Is giving books as gifts romantic?
  9. Is it fair to wish for someone to be interested in you?
  10. Did you think it was a parallel universe or multi-verse story?
  11. Do you like Jena?
  12. Who is your favorite character?
  13. Who is your least favorite character?
  14. Do you think that people are created by nature or nurture?
  15. Which side do you think this author believes?
  16. Did you expect the book to end the way it ended?
  17. Did you like the ending?
  18. Would you read other books by the author?

 Created by Michelle Haring

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