Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Fantasy Book Club

Cry Wolf Discussion Questions 

  1. What do you think of the 3rd person narration?
  2. The book starts with Walter saving a boy from death, is this a good beginning?
  3. Would it be a different beginning if the book had a different title?
  4. When we meet Anna does it feel like the story starts in the middle?
  5. Do you like Anna?
  6. What do you think of Bran?
  7. When we meet Charles he’s an angry wolf, how does that affect your perception of him?
  8. Anna has trauma in her past from her treatment by Leo, is her statement that the wolf saved her believable?
  9. What do you think of finding out about the powers of an Omega gradually?
  10. Carter’s funeral is the place where Anna sees many of the people in town, is this a good place for an introduction?
  11. What do you think of Samuel?
  12. Anna is about twenty two and Charles is over two hundred, what do you think of the age difference?
  13. Does hiking off into the wilderness in Montana in the winter sound like a good idea?
  14. Anna thinks of herself as a coward, is she?
  15. Did Anna need to initiate their first intimate encounter?
  16. Is Asil’s story an important part of the book and why?
  17. How does Walter’s perspective help the book?
  18. What do you think of adding a witch to the mix?
  19. Was Sarai really Asil’s mate?
  20. What do you think of Walter’s sacrifice?
  21. Would it have been horrible if Mariposa had succeeded?
  22. Did you like the book?
  23. Would you read more in the series?

 Created by Michelle Haring

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