Ancestor by Scott Sigler

Fantasy Book Club

Ancestor Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of the 3rd person narration?
  2. The scientist at the beginning kills some of his own staff to stop the spread of the flu virus, what do you think of his response?
  3. Do you find biomedical research interesting or horrifying?
  4. Do you think xenotransplantation is a good idea?
  5. Who is the hero of the book?
  6. Does the basic idea of bringing back an ancient life form and having it breed to create human organs seem horrifying?
  7. What do you think of the world building?
  8. Who is your favorite character?
  9. What do you think of the multiple perspectives?
  10. Who is the villain?
  11. At what point should the scientists have stopped?
  12. How does the storm raise the stakes?
  13. Were you surprised by the ancestors?
  14. What did you think of their perspective?
  15. Were you surprised at the deaths?
  16. Did you expect anyone to live?
  17. What character were you the happiest to see live?
  18. What did you think of the Epilogue where some of the animals survived?
  19. Did you like the book?

 Created by Michelle Haring

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