Mouse the Bookstore Cat Books

Mouse the Bookstore Cat and his helpful human friends are busy working on two new books about his adventures.

The first is Mouse’s Adventures, a photobook featuring Mouse’s weekly adventures at various hotspots across Central PA.  Each entry explains a little bit about the location and then recounts Mouse’s fun across the different highlights of each area. Mouse’s Adventures is nearly complete and will be available this summer – keep your eyes on our social media for news!

The second upcoming Mouse release is a children’s book about Mouse reimagining the bookstore as an enchanted land. Work is underway on this book and it should be out by the end of 2021.

And remember that Mouse’s first children’s book, Mouse the Bookstore Kitten: The Beginning, is now available for purchase in-store. Mouse is more than happy to have his human friends sign his books with his stamp pawprint as well.



We have no special events in June. Look forward to big signings and big savings in July.


Join a Book Club


Did you know we host eight different book clubs at the Cupboard Maker Books?

All our book clubs are completely open to anybody – simply come the night of book club ready to talk about books!

Six of our book clubs are genre specific, meaning we read one book every month from a certain genre. We suggest reading the entire book before coming, as our questions cover the entire book, or being prepared for spoilers.

The other two book clubs are a little different. At Fun Yarns, all of the attendees work on a craft of their choice while discussing any and all books they have read or are currently reading. At Story Makers, a writing focused book club, everyone follows the Story Makers Challenge and discusses books that help in their writing journeys.

Interested in a book club?  Check the event section of the website for dates and times.



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~Review by Sam~


Silver in the Woods by Emily Tesh

Tobias is the Green Man of the Wood, tasked with keeping the Wood and his own faded secrets safe. Henry Silver is the new resident of the old manor house nestled within Tobias’ woods. Between the two grows friendship and attraction while a specter from the distant past stirs beneath the earth.

Silver in the Woods is both a haunting tribute to fairy tale fiction, old and new, and a touching romance. A quick and fantastic read for fans of Neil Gaiman and Holly Black.



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