New Year 2021

We want to thank all of our customers so much for their patience and continued support through 2020. We came through last year intact and we owe so much of that to our fantastic customers.

Our one big casualty of 2020 was our events. We had months of events planned out and dozens of authors scheduled before 2020 became 2020. Our entire spring calendar was wiped, and the rest of the year we kept scheduled events only sparingly.

This year we are hoping that we can begin to hold more events. We have a long list of authors we would like to invite back and plenty of ideas for book-themed celebrations, and of course we miss our book club groups!

For now, we hold onto our hopes as we enter into 2021.  Our first step will hopefully be to safely bring back book clubs in February.

Reminder: Calendars are available with book clubs listed and are now 50% off – only $5.00 per calendar!




Live with Gary Phillips - VIRTUAL via ZOOM

Sat. January 16th at 7 PM

Join us as we talk with crime fiction author Gary Phillips about his new release Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem. This is a VIRTUAL EVENT – please check our website or Facebook page on the day of the event for the event link.


Story Makers Book Club - VIRTUAL via ZOOM

Tues. January 19th from 7 to 9 PM

Kickstart your creativity with our Story Makers book club, a challenge book club of twenty categories.  Each category focuses on aspects of writing to encourage reading like a writer. Our January meeting is a VIRTUAL meeting and will be held via Zoom. Visit our website or Facebook page on the day of the meeting for the event link.



Questions?  Concerns?  Contact:

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~Review by Michelle~


A Royal Disaster by Jennifer Bonds

This is a delightful romantic comedy about a woman at the worst point in her life. She throws a bucket of purple paint at a wall and hits a prince with it. His fans on social media attack her so they jump into fake dating. The dating becomes real as the artist and the prince fall in love. This feel-good romance will delight readers.



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