Local Author FAQ


Does Cupboard Maker Books work with local authors?

Yes, we host local authors for signings and stock books by local authors.


Will Cupboard Maker Books stock my book?

We only buy books from authors that we have hosted for book signings.


Do I have to pay for a book signing?

No, we never charge authors for book signings at Cupboard Maker Books.


How do I schedule a book signing with Cupboard Maker Books?

In order for authors to be scheduled for a book signing, they must first attend a free class that we hold quarterly for authors new to the store. After taking the class, our event coordinator will work with the author to schedule them for a suitable book signing.


What is the free author class?

The quarterly free author class is a chance to learn about how we conduct book signings as well as a chance for us to get to know you and your book.


When and where is the free author class held?

The free author class is held on the fourth Sunday of January, April, July, and October from 5 to 7 PM. The free author class is held at the store in Enola, PA.


Are there any exceptions to the free author class?

One of the following criteria needs to be met to be exempt from the class: the author is published by one of the top five New York publishers or the author is a regular member of a Cupboard Maker Books book club.

We strongly recommend that authors attend the class even if they are exempt as it is a great way to learn from both our staff as well as the other authors attending.


Will I be signing by myself?

We schedule more than one author for most of our book signings. We have found this is a great chance for authors to network, and that is makes it easier to engage potential readers.


Will Cupboard Maker Books buy my book at full price?

We buy books from authors at the industry standard rate of 60/40 (60% to you, 40% to us). If an author cannot price their books so that they can turn a profit at this rate then we suggest they do not pursue a book signing with us.


Are there any other requirements to hold a book signing with Cupboard Maker Books?

We expect authors to promote any book signings on their social media and website.


Does Cupboard Maker Books help authors publish their books?

No, we do not help authors publish their books. We have published a small number of books through the store, but they are all strictly store related ventures.


Should I come in and introduce myself before attending the free author class?

Authors are welcome to come meet us before their free author class, however we are small business with a small staff so we may not have time to chat with authors during regular business hours. The best time for authors to meet us is during one of our book clubs, which are designed to be a social experience. We even have a book club specifically for writers: Story Makers Challenge.


Will Cupboard Maker Books do my book for one of their book clubs?

Occasionally we will choose a book by a local author for one of our book clubs. However, there are a lot of books we and our customers would like to schedule for book clubs so we do not guarantee a spot. Authors who are consistently involved in the store, including attending book clubs, have a much greater chance of being chosen for a book club.

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