Squeekie is our resident bookstore cat.  He loves you very much, even if you don't know him, and would like it if you would come and pet him or give him treats.  

Squeekie is the author of the book The First Nine Lives of Squeekie the Bookstore Cat, which is about his life and adventures at the bookstore.  Since Squeekie cannot write or type, his close friends who work at the bookstore wrote these nine stories for him.

Squeekie is now the author of a second set of stories about his life and adventures, titled The Second and Third Nine Lives of Squeekie the Bookstore Cat.  Squeekie is still unable to master writing or typing, so a number of local authors submitted work for a total eighteen brand new stories about Squeekie.


Squeekie has his own reading challenge for 2018!  You can find the list by clicking here.


Find Squeekie and Annika calendars by clicking here.


Squeekie's first book is available on Amazon or below for $9.99, or in the store for $8.95

Squeekie's second book is available on Amazon or below for $9.95, or in the store for $9.95


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