Cupboard Maker Rewards


Ways to Earn points

  • +1 point Sign in at any Cupboard Maker Books event listed on our website or our Facebook page
  • +1 point Give us a positive review on any major Review website (Facebook, Yelp!, Google)
    • Includes reviews given before rewards program started, up to 3 points
    • Inform us of your reviews to receive points
  • +1 point Adopt a cat from us
    • Includes cats adopted before rewards program started


  • At 15 points you earn a free t-shirt, Squeekie the Bookstore Cat book, or 10% off bag
  • At 25 points you earn: another free t-shirt, Squeekie the Bookstore Cat book, or 10% off bag; or $25 in store credit


Cycle begins February 1st and ends January 31st of the following year



  • You must sign yourself in at events. We are not going to chase you down or retroactively add your name to the sign-in book. Signing in is YOUR responsibility.
  • To receive points for positive reviews, you must tell us when and where you reviewed the store.
  • You must be on the mailing list to receive your rewards (only have to provide one means of contact).
  • To receive points for events, you must stay at least ½ hour or have your book signed (in the case of signings).
  • In-store sales DO NOT count as events.
  • If you attempt to undermine the rewards system to get more points, you will be taken off the rewards list and the mailing list PERMANENTLY.

Please stop by our store to find your next book or
give us a call at 717-732-7288
if you can't find what you like and we will check our inventory.