Book Clubs

We hold six book clubs monthly.  We focus on a single book in four of the book clubs, and the other two are read at your own pace (underlined below).  For the book clubs revolving around a single book, everyone reads the book ahead of time (or risks spoilers) and we discuss the book as a group.

Everyone is welcome, we always have space for new members.  There is no registration and we need no advance notice, so you are free to show up whenever you like.


Our book clubs are:


Cozy mysteries are the books of choice in this book club, for the most part.  Occasionally we read historical mysteries and very rarely a thriller.


Focuses on young adult and teen books, for teenage readers.  Often the books are fantasy or science fiction young adult books.  We always strive to choose age-appropriate books but parents can speak to Michelle if they are concerned about content.

Urban Fantasy

Our longest running book club.  Choices for this book club include fantasy books of all types, and occasionally science fiction.  We used to stick strictly to urban fantasy but have starting to branch out in the last year or two.


We read any and all romance sub-genres, from historical to western to sweet.  None of the books we choose are overly explicit.

Fun Yarns

Talk about your most recent reads while doing crafts. Read at your own pace, talk about any book and do any kind of craft.

Read Harder

Follows a list to broaden your reading horizons, which can be found on the event on our website.  Read at your pace, although the goal is 24 books over the course of a year.


Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

~Visit our website each month to find out book club selections~



Michelle’s Monthly Book Recommendations

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

I loved this book because it combined alternate history, zombies with an amazing protagonist.  After the battle of Gettysburg, the dead rose and 17 years later, the heroine is a trained zombie fighter.  This book is a wonderful fantasy adventure novel with fabulous underlying themes.  





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